Monday, January 11, 2010

The Neon City

C and I just spent the weekend in Las Vegas. What an amazing town! It's the 2nd time we've been there, and it was just as wonderful the 2nd time as the first time. Instead of going with him to a motorcycle auction, though (which I did the first time), I spent my afternoon getting totally pampered at the hotel spa. Such luxury!

I remember one of the first times I went to Vegas. I was a kid and went with my mom and dad. I actually don't remember much, but snippets of the weekend come back to me. Not being able to go through the casino, for example. I remember standing on the edge of the casino floor, watching my mom or dad play the slots. It's not like I stood there for hours or anything; I think we were in line for the buffet or something. It was fascinating, though. I also remember getting quarters from my folks to go play pinball. That's what kids did then ... play pinball or go to Circus Circus. Geez.

Is Circus Circus even there anymore? The old strip was pretty awesome in its neon glow, starting at the Tropicana and going up the strip towards Caesar's Palace. You went by the Sands, the Flamingo, the Dunes ... old Las Vegas, home of the mafia-types and Rat Packers of old. Nowadays, it's slags and oompa loompa boys (or even worse, oompa loompa boy wannabees) who walk the strip as the casinos get larger and more opulent. I know ... who am I to talk? Not that I'm a slag, but I sure as heck would want their figures, to be able to wear some of their clothes, etc. I'll never be able to walk in those heels, though. Man, talk about high.

Vegas is a nice getaway, though. Nowhere else can drink like a fiend, smoke like a chimney, gamble like a Rockefeller on penny slots and still come home none the worse for wear.

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